Aetius (aetius) wrote,

Things My Cat Has Taught Me

Some time ago (just over four and a half years ago, actually), I posted a series of thirteen lessons my one of my cats had taught me.

Last month, I acquired a camera capable of doing justice to the cat in question.

Behind the cut, there is a photo of the kitten as well as links to the lessons learned.

Lesson the First: Want

Lesson the Second: Love

Lesson the Third: Play

Lesson the Fourth: Arguments

Lesson the Fifth: Forgiveness

Lesson the Sixth: Sleep

Lesson the Seventh: Life

Lesson the Eighth: Pain

Lesson the Ninth: Stumbles

Lesson the Tenth: Alone

Lesson the Eleventh: Truth

Lesson the Twelfth: Remember

Lesson the Thirteenth: Distance
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